LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.
LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.


LUKOIL regularly launches tenders to select contractors and sub-contractors. Suppliers participate free of charge in the tender, which is governed by the LUKOIL regulations. These involve tender procedures open to all companies matching the requested tender profile. The Tender Committee is entitled — at its own discretion — to accept or refuse all offers submitted and proposed at any time until the contract is stipulated. The proposal is assessed from both the technical and financial perspectives, and participants may be invited to participate in a unique-bid auction.

Participants in the tender decide to engage and prepare their offers at their own discretion and expense. LUKOIL shall not be held liable for any cost sustained by the participants during the course of the tender, regardless of the outcome of the procedure itself.

Applicants seeking to participate in the tender must fill in the relevant application form, available together with other requested documents in the 'Current tenders' section of the website, and send it to LUKOIL Italia at the following e-mail address:

The requested documents may vary with each tender.

The tender procedure's phases, such as the assessment of submitted tender offers and the awarding of contracts, take place according to the schedule defined in the Tender Terms and Conditions for each invitation to tender. 

The preparation of certain offers may require the submission of additional documents:

  • a certified copy of licences allowing the applicant to carry out commercial operations linked to the offer;

  • certificates of conformity to the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 international standards.

    Participation in the tender procedure is forbidden to candidates that:

  1. Have acted in collusion in the tender procedure.

  2. Are insolvent, in liquidation or undergoing restructuring due to declared bankruptcy.

Openly or secretly offer, provide or accept to provide compensation in any form (material or immaterial) in order to influence the outcome of the tender procedure, the decision or any other activity related to the offer.


Information about all our actual tenders is published in ''Tenders'' section

Actual tenders

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