LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.
LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.


Due to the fact that LUKOIL is one of the largest petrochemical groups in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe, the group owns plants in Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria that produce products stemming from organic synthesis and pyrolysis, fuel fractions and polymer fractions; this allows for supplying a large portion of Russia's internal demand for a certain variety of chemical products, and exporting to over 30 countries.

The LUKOIL petrochemical infrastructure is currently being modernised and developed, but certain projects are especially interesting: in Saratovorgsintez, for example, through a planning project the Group has long since started the construction and installation of a second sodium cyanide production line, while in Stavrolen an enormous transformation complex will receive gas from the northern Caspian Sea gas fields. The year 2015 is the target for the launching of the plant's first gas treatment line, boasting a production capacity of 2 billion cubic metres. Alongside this activity, the Group plans to modernise its existing ethylene and polyethylene units and, with regard to the re-equipping of the existing ethylene facilities, will guarantee maximum capacity for the treatment of liquefied gases.

LUKOIL Italia is already present in the Italian market with the sale of petrochemical products such as polypropylene, polyethylene and many others.

View all the specifications of petrochemical products produced by LUKOIL on the website of the LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas refinery.