LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.
LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.


The development and diffusion of the LUKOIL brand throughout Italy is one of the Group's main objectives, pursued through the activities of LUKOIL Italia since 2010. In that year, the first petrol stations with the LUKOIL brand made their appearance in style in Sicily: thanks to a series of inauguration events, car drivers were thus able to immediately experience the savings on fuel prices and the courtesy of our personnel.

The LUKOIL network has grown over the past few years, especially in the Sicilian market. This has occurred through special emphasis on each individual aspect of the petrol station's functions. LUKOIL is indeed aware of the numerous changes that have swept through the fuel market in recent years, and acknowledges that customer needs are constantly changing. For this reason, communication strategies with the customer and petrol station management policies require constant updating.

However, for LUKOIL it is the customer who deserves all the attention. Each decision we take aims to guarantee the utmost comfort and savings for customers, by offering the possibility of purchasing either through self-service or aided by our timely and courteous operators; meanwhile, we strive to ensure that all the necessary vehicle services — besides the mere fleeting purchase of fuel — are available at our petrol stations and refreshment points, so that drivers and their passengers can enjoy a thoroughly rewarding and pleasant experience while journeying.

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