​LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.
​LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.


The PAO LUKOIL Group, the world's leading petroleum company for crude oil reserves, entered the Italian market in 2009 after acquiring 49% of the ISAB refinery, situated in Priolo on Sicily's eastern coast. Following the acquisition, in addition to the constant growth of its shareholding in the refinery, the LUKOIL Group began distributing petroleum products in the Italian market through its subsidiary LUKOIL Italia S.r.l. LUKOIL Italia began operating on the Italian market in October 2009 by importing and distributing products refined by the Group (diesel fuel, plastic, paraffin, lubricants and other) and expanding into the distribution segment.

Since 4th September 2012, LUKOIL Italia is the exclusive operator for loads via land of the ISAB Sud and ISAB Nord refineries, and has started operating in the wholesale market for fuel products. LUKOIL Italia undertakes to offer the best logistics/administration assistance together with the land load colleagues, by supervising the correct execution of operations from the arrival of tanker lorries to their departure, and intervening in real time for any need to guarantee your deliveries.

Thanks to the possibility of loading at the refinery, the LUKOIL Italia clientele has access to the largest range of wholesale products, including diesel fuel for vehicles, fuel oil for heating and electricity generation, agricultural fuel, LPG mix and propane, besides many other products guaranteeing energy resources to support the development of Sicily and not only.

The world’s leading petroleum company has decided to invest in Sicily to contribute to the territory’s development. Over the 3 years since the company’s entry into the Italian market with the first acquisition of a refinery, LUKOIL Italia has established firm ties with the territory and has come to understand certain distinctly regional aspects, implementing a glocal approach that privileges local values by offering everybody the possibility of sharing the benefits and contributing to the territory’s development.