​LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.
​LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.


The LUKOIL Group produces an extensive range of premium products to satisfy the most sophisticated and specific operating requirements. Through its operations on the international market, LUKOIL exports these products to over 40 countries worldwide and currently controls over 40% of all lubricants produced in Russia, for a total of roughly 1.2 million tons a year.

Lubricants are the most important technical components in our daily lives, even though we hardly realise this fact. This is due to the fact that they work in an ideal manner. Only products of an extremely high quality standard and durability, capable of ensuring the efficient operation of any machine, can ensure safety and progress in an increasingly dynamic and fast-paced world.

On-going development is indeed the dominant theme for LUKOIL. Constant growth, guaranteeing the safety of resources, and uninterrupted development of products and processes constitute the most important values in a highly flexible market. For this reason, LUKOIL has set itself the ambition of scaling the heights of the most demanding sector, namely that of high-performance synthetic oils for modern engines.

With the range of LUKOIL Genesis lubricants we have succeeded in the most spectacular way, though we aspire to reach even greater heights.

The production plant in Vienna, acquired by LUKOIL in 2014, plays a crucial role in the on-going improvement strategy pursued by the company, and the decision to invest in the European market by basing the head office in Austria launches a clear and resolute message: guaranteeing the utmost quality while maintaining jobs.

In Vienna, where shortly after acquiring the plant LUKOIL was already expanding its production capacity, rigorous quality control measures are implemented. In this way, the company underlines its strong emphasis on the quality of LUKOIL Genesis. LUKOIL Genesis is a range of entirely synthetic lubricating oils that satisfy the advanced requirements of modern diesel and petrol engines.

Choosing the appropriate engine oil has become a critical factor, particularly due to growing performance levels, lower fuel consumption and, lastly, compliance with the most stringent environmental protection regulations. This factor does not only concern manufacturers of original appliances, but also maintenance and assistance services provided frequently on fuel distribution plants.

At LUKOIL Italia petrol stations customers can find a range of products capable of satisfying their needs.