​LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.
​LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.


‘Always moving forward!’ is our company’s motto. For this reason, we continuously strive to develop and improve our performances and activities, within a reference framework built on transparency, control, responsibility and integrity. Consequently, our corporate governance operates in accordance with these principles in guiding daily operations and activities relating to personnel, auditing and control.

In summary, our governance model is geared towards ensuring that the company’s policies comply with:

  • the company ethic;

  • equal opportunities;

  • safety requirements;

  • the company’s internal control system;

  • product quality and safety standards;

  • optimal customer relations;

  • environmental protection requirements;

  • the safeguarding of the company’s assets;

the definition of roles within the governance model itself.

The running of the company is thus entrusted to the Sole Director and to the Management, while control operations are delegated to the Board of Statutory Auditors. Accounting auditing activities are instead carried out by an independent registered accounting firm, while daily work activities are assessed by an internal audit system and through periodic external audits.