​LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.
​LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.

General Information

LUKOIL Italia acquired legal status in December 2008 and began operating in Italy in May 2009. Following the acquisition by the LUKOIL Group of ISAB (Sicilian Asphalt and Bitumen Industry), a petroleum refinery located on Sicily's eastern coast, LUKOIL Italia was created to diffuse the LUKOIL brand in the Italian fuel products retail market. From the development of a logistics structure throughout Italy, over the years LUKOIL Italia has managed to distinguish the brand for its unique and reliable service, in line with the reputation of the LUKOIL brand worldwide.

The first tanker carrying LUKOIL-branded fuel was delivered to the ISAB refinery in October 2009. Since then our logistics structure has grown into an established reality capable of guaranteeing an effective distribution of products to petrol stations scattered throughout Italy. Our long-term goal is to operate vertically in every sector of the industry, by integrating the supply of crude oil from our resources in Russia and in the rest of the world with advanced refining operations in Sicily and with the network of LUKOIL-brand petrol stations, designed to satisfy all the current and future needs of our Italian customers.

In line with this vision, LUKOIL Italia aspires to create a leading network of petrol stations in the sector offering a complete range of products and services for the vehicle, driver and passengers. This through an advanced operating system for petrol stations designed to achieve maximum convenience and productivity, in order to spread throughout the country the LUKOIL brand's excellent reputation for its price-quality ratio, already renowned worldwide.

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